Every business needs a plan, but it needs more than that too, it needs to be able to implement the plan they have. Whether you’re a lifestyle business, whether you’re a growth business or whether you’re preparing the business for sale or acquisition you must have an appropriate plan to achieve the right income, commitment or price from the business.

You might be in a situation where you have good and bad months, or perhaps some years you have a large dividend and other years you don’t. Conventional thinking says “that’s just the ebb and flow of business”…but it doesn’t have to be that way. It is possible that you can have surety…but you will need to think about how you plan and how you execute in a fresh and different way, you need to turn business planning on its head.

If you want that’s working towards a fixed goal rather than just “growing most of the time” it’s a straightforward thing to achieve…and here’s how.

In our experience, many businesses confuse “constants” and “variables” in their plans. If you get this part of business planning wrong how can you possibly guarantee the outcome?

Think about this – working 9-5 is a constant in your business, you have good days (when you sell 100 widgets) and bad days (when you sell only 15), but because you’re working hard and selling the business is developing. But, lots of good days means your business is worth a fortune, lots of bad days mean that it’s worth much less. It’s a lottery.

If however, you make the constant “sales” rather than “time” your days look very different. You have certainty that you will meet your targets. You know that 3 years from now you will be able to sell the business for X. The business now operates in a different, goal-orientated way “every day my business needs to sell 60 widgets and we need to work as long as it takes to achieve this.” Some days you will be finished by 10am, other days you won’t finish until 10 pm but you have made the outcome the constant.

We have huge experience in shaking-up business thinking. Many of our clients have fast-tracked their growth, raised their incomes or radically changed their businesses by applying our innovative thinking. We might be able to help you achieve the same.

A great starting point is a 1 hour, no obligation chat where we see if we think we can help and you see if you like us. We don’t sell to you, we just talk to each other. And we promise that whether we work together or not it will be an hour well spent.

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